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Do you drink enough Water?

If not, it might be because of these common hassles:


Screw lids are inconvenientLeaky bottles get your stuff wetHard to draw up water

Condensation soaks your belongingsStraw lids allow you to keep your eyes on the roadPressure can blowback up the straw

Without insulation, hot drinks become lukewarm quicklyWithout insulation, cold drinks become lukewarmCarbonation doesn't work with most straw lids

The Paravalve lids solve all these problems!

We have experienced most of these problems ourselves, and could not find the perfect solution anywhere on the market. Staying hydrated was a hassle and we were always babysitting our low performance lids.The worst part was the effort required just get a big gulp of water - too time consuming and too distracting. We believe that products should be designed to last a long time and make their owner’s lives better, not just make a profit, so we got to work developing a better way.

Most people know drinking lots of water is a good way to support their overall health. Adequate hydration is essential to the kidneys filtering out toxins and helps keep the skin and other tissues plump and hydrated. But it is can be a hassle to drink enough with low performance water bottle lids. These hassles either require valuable time and attention to overcome, or cause people to drink less water.

It took us 3 years of testing and development to solve all these problems, and the result is the Paravalve high performance straw lid with it’s patented dual ball valve technology. Because it's a straw, it is the ultimate in convenience: flip up the spout to drink and flip it down to make it leak-proof. There is almost no effort to draw up the water. It has been designed to fit both Hydro Flask and Nalgene wide mouth bottles, and fits many other brands, including CamelBak, Contigo, Kleen Kanteen and more.Thousands of people have found it to be their perfect solution; maybe you will too. Our original Paravalve earned 4.5 stars on amazon, and got comments like this:

"This straw lid has been a dream come true!"

"This is the perfect lid. Hydro Flask need to emulate this design."

"Water bottle game changer"

"I can't go back to my old lid after experiencing this amazing product!"

"Nailed it! Solved all the problems! - Amazing!"

" ... finally found the holy Grail of lids!! "

"Works like a charm!"

" I drink more water because the ease with the straw!"

" I was getting tired of having to wait for a red light to take a sip of water in the car (driving or not!). "

"Really good suction power... "

" Unfortunately the original hydro straw top never fits on anything else and sipping though it feels like trying to get water out of a banana. This Eveau top flows like the river Nile and fits flawlessly on both wide mouth tops for the Nalgene and Hydroflask."

"I have also really noticed a difference with the lid being insulated. My ice and water stay colder much longer. "

"Soda pop without spraying! - Genius! I love this!  This fits my Hydroflask wide mouth and my Eco Vessel without leaking. I love that I can put in a Diet Coke for on the go and it doesn’t spray everywhere when I open the lid to take a drink. (Yes, I have done that with the regular straw lids! Lol) This one is a winner! "

"I've never had a lid that was so effortless and smooth, the water goes down so easily, no air bubbles at all- it makes it easy and fun to stay hydrated all day. It truly doesn't leak like most bottles...I'm a FAN!!!! So worth it."

The original Paravalve 1.0 was a big step up from other low performance straw lids, but it had one major flaw: the handle was easily broken if the bottle was dropped and it landed on the handle. We want to thank our thousands of fans for supporting us despite that major flaw. We have been listening and the new Paravalve 2.0 version has fixed that problem and made numerous other small improvements; scroll to the bottom to see what they are.

Why is Paravalve better than other straw lids?

As seen below, there is one ball valve for the liquid, and another smaller ball valve for venting air. Both of these ball valves are attached to the spout, which can be opened or closed with one finger. As most plumbers will tell you, ball valves are the most leak-proof and reliable valves, and two are needed: one to let liquid out, and a second one to let air in to replace the liquid drawn out.

The biggest failure of most straw lids is their low tech way of letting in air. They either have a small pin hole valve that can only let air in slowly (and is prone to leak), or they have an umbrella valve that's leak-proof, but requires a partial vacuum to activate and will cause major blowback up the straw if the bottle develops any pressure inside. In both cases you are sucking against a vacuum.

Bigger pipes mean more flow!

The sizes above are shown to scale; the water path has 2.28 times the cross sectional area and the air path has more than 10x the cross sectional area! With its wide (1/8") air path, you are never sucking against a vacuum; we make drinking from your water bottle as easy as sipping from a straw in a glass. Unlike a glass though, you can make it leak-proof with the flick of a finger; that's what makes it the only 3rd generation straw lid on the market.

Leak-Proof: Each ball valve has its own seal. When the spout is in the closed position, it is completely leak-proof.

Effortless Flow: When the spout is open, the wide unobstructed water path provides high flow rates, while the wide air path easily allows air into the bottle to replace the liquid drawn out. Paravalve lets you sip or guzzle with the same straw lid.

Smart Vent: A unique and patented feature of the Paravalve is it's ability to vent pressure in the bottle by opening the spout halfway. If there is any pressure in the bottle due to the contents heating up, a change in altitude or atmospheric pressure, or carbonated beverages, the vent position can discharge this pressure before the liquid path is opened up. A brief half second pause is usually all it takes. Without this feature, any pressure in the bottle will cause liquid to blow-back out the straw as soon as the spout is opened. The photo of blow-back above is not photo-shopped, it's what can happen when you use carbonated beverages without a vent - see it live in our explainer video.


Want to know how it works? Click here for the full technical details.

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Insulated bottles deserve an insulated lid: Unlike almost all the other straw lids on the market, the Paravalve straw lid is insulated. This will keep your beverage colder longer, especially if your bottle spends time on its side (having cold water against an uninsulated lid greatly speeds the heat transfer). Ice lasts up to 50% longer! Our lid is also safe for liquids up to 60 degrees Celcius (140 deg. F.) - please don't go hotter than that or the high flow of hot liquid may burn your mouth.

Condensation from an uninsulatd lid

In addition, a lid without insulation will promote condensation when used with ice cold beverages, as seen in the example to the right. Even it the lid doesn't leak, this condensation can be enough to soak your other belongings. 

Drink what you want to drink!
Carbonated, icy cold or hot,
Paravalve is the only lid that can handle it all!

Now with an unbreakable handle! The original Paravalve 1.0 handle was vulnerable to breakage, so we designed two new unbreakable handles for the 2.0 version: A minimalist ring handle and our innovative Shaka three-finger handle, which works well for larger bottles or those who like to walk carrying their bottle. When carrying your bottle, the Shaka design allows the hand to be in a natural position with the palm facing the body; this also keeps the tilt of the bottle front to back so it doesn't bang into your legs. For both versions, the rubber extends completely around the lid for added protection and improved ergonomics.

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Easy to clean: Comes with two full length straws (cut to length for your bottle), and a straw cleaning brush. The 260mm straw is long enough to reach the bottom of a 48 oz Nalgene Silo bottle, and can be easily cut to fit your bottle. The solid mouthpiece leaves no place for dirt to hide. Because of the liquid path is wide and unobstructed, the straw cleaning brush can clean the spout too. The spout can be removed for deep cleaning (see user's guide).  Top rack dishwasher safe. 

Easy to clean

Safer plastics: We use BPA free plastic for the straw and lid. In addition, our research indicates that colored plastics are more likely to show estrogenic activity, so we use either uncolored plastic or black (carbon based) color for our products.

A straw lid makes driving safer: A straw lid allows you to keep your eyes on the road while driving or riding a bike. You can drink anytime you have a free hand without having to wait for a stop light.

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Improvements for the Paravalve 2.0 version:

The Paravalve 2.0 has been completely redesigned, requiring all new injection molds. We kept the Next Generation technology while addressing the flaws, and also took the opportunity to make some general improvements:

  • New unbreakable rubber handle: The handle is made out of an unbreakable rubber, so you never have to worry about damage.
  • Rubberized lid: The rubber covers the outside of the lid for improved drop resistance and superior ergonomics.
  • Vent increased by 13%: The air vent has a 13% larger cross-sectional area, which further reduces the effort required to draw liquid up the straw.
  • Strengthened spout handle: We made the handle more robust to reduce damage with severe impacts. We had no reports of this being a problem on the original lid, but we saw an opportunity to improve, so we took it.
  • Removable spout: The spout can be removed to allow deep cleaning, seal replacement, and lubrication.
  • Improved seal design and materials for better wear resistance.
  • Longer straw: The 260mm straw is long enough to fit the 48 oz Nalgene Silo bottle without trimming.
  • Longer straw cleaning brush: A longer straw demands a longer cleaning brush. It's now a full 260mm vs. the old brush's 200mm.

Straw Lid comparison chart

Read about the Evolution of the Straw Lid

Now you can stop fussing with your water bottle and struggling to drink enough water. Upgrade your lid to the high performance Paravalve straw lid to find out how easy it is to stay hydrated!

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