2 Eveau 350ml Double Wall Glass Tea Tumbler, Insulated Coffee Mug with Stainless Steel Tea Basket

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The crystal clear double wall glass not only keeps your tea hot, it allows you to see it clearly. It's sophisticated appearance inspires a relaxed approach to your day.

Made with crystal clear borosilicate glass, which has about one third the thermal expansion of regular glass. This makes it 3 times more resistant to thermal stress than regular soda lime glass. We still advise preheating the glass with hot tap water to reduce thermal stress and help keep your hot drink hot; pouring hot liquid into a cool container will quickly cool the liquid.

  •   The smooth glass mouth is easy on the lips.
  •   Can be used for coffee, tea or other beverages.
  •   Double wall glass keeps cold drinks cold too! 
  •   Large Capacity Tea strainer.
  •   Leak-proof wide mouth lid with rubberized grip.
  •   Wide mouth makes it easy to clean - Dishwasher Safe.
  •   Fits most car cup holders.

Please always choose a reusable container to reduce environmental waste.

Available on Amazon.com