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Stay hydrated where ever you go

3rd generation straw

Welcome to EAF Products

We believe products should be built to last, reduce the chemical exposure common to many products, and should be designed to fit easily into your life.

“The silicone sleeve is unmatched in the glass bottle industry and their YouTube video of break testing is great testament to that!!”


“I have been using this water bottle for over a year now and I'm completely in love with it! I banished plastic water bottles years ago and since then have been on a quest for the perfect glass bottle and this is it! It's aesthetically very appealing and I love all the vibrant colors. And while plastic is unavoidable in the cap, I love that this company has mindfully left out any colorant and chosen polypropylene which doesn't have estrogenic activity like more commonly used plastics.”


“I’ve been using glass water bottles for a long time, knowing that they are much safer for my body than plastics, but have never owned one with a protective sleeve; that’s why I bought this bottle. I liked the look of the bottle – the colors are really great – but wasn’t sure that the silicone would provide true protection. Until the day that I knocked my bottle off of a bench that was about two feet off of a wood floor and it landed hard. No breaks, no cracks.”



“Drinking out of glass makes such a difference to the taste and feel of the water. One thing I noticed after I began using both my Eveau bottles is that I drank more water which means my body is better hydrated. I think it's the taste!!! I also appreciate that all the materials are mindfully chosen for health and sustainability. Thanks for improving on something I use every day!!!”


“It's been 10 months and I still love this bottle. This is seriously the best glass water bottle I have owned and I am buying a second one.”