Paravalve Straw Lid


Hydration without the Hassles

You already know how important hydration is to keep you healthy and at your peak performance. Straw lids provide quick convenient access, but too many of them leak, or make you suck hard to get a dribble of water out. Our innovative Paravalve dual ball valve straw lid provides high flow effortless hydration when open and is completely leak-proof when closed. It has been designed to fit both Hydro Flask and Nalgene wide mouth bottles, and fits other brands, including CamelBak, Contigo, Kleen Kanteen and many more.

In order to get high flow with low effort, it requires a wide water path with no restrictions, and a resistance free air flow into the bottle. Our patent pending dual ball valve design provides both, and is completely leak-free when closed, even if the contents become pressurized. Getting air into the bottle is a weak spot in all the other straw lids we have analyzed.

 See our crowd funding campaign video below for an entertaining overview of this effortless straw lid.

Voice over credits to Robert James Music.

See our explainer video below for the full technical details on why the Paravalve lid is so much better than other straw lids.

Insulated bottles deserve an insulated lid

Unlike almost all the other straw lids on the market, the Paravalve straw lid is insulated. This will keep your beverage colder longer, especially if your bottle spends time on it's side (having cold water against an uninsulated lid greatly speeds the heat transfer). Our lid is also safe for liquids up to 60 degrees Celcius (140 deg. F.).

See temperature retention test results.

In addition, an uninsulated lid will promote condensation when used with ice cold beverages, as seen in the example above. Even it the lid doesn't leak, this condensation can be enough to soak your other belongings.

Easy Care & Mold Resistant

Comes with two full length straws (cut to length for your bottle), and a straw cleaning brush. The solid mouthpiece leaves no place for mold to hide. Top rack dishwasher safe. Made from BPA free polypropylene for your health and safety.

Our two finger rubberized handle is rounded to fit your fingers for superior ergonomics. Two fingers means half the pressure per finger, which is especially important for larger water bottles. A full 64 oz. bottle can weigh more than 5 lbs (2.3 Kg).

The spout has three positions as shown above. In between the open and close positions is a vent position to release any pressure inside the bottle that may have built up due to carbonation or the contents heating up. A brief pause in the vent position will eliminate back-pressure release of liquid through the straw.

A straw lid allows you to keep your eyes on the road while driving or riding a bike. You can drink anytime you have a free hand.

With a little practice, you too can become a one hand bottle ninja!


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