How to drink more water without even trying

Instead of trying harder, try lowering the

hurdles that make drinking so much effort.


Most people know that it's important to stay hydrated: it keeps your kidneys and other organs functioning properly, helps keep your skin wrinkle free and supple, and helps keep the discs in your lower back healthy.


Despite knowing this, many of us have a hard time drinking enough water. Thirst is the body's natural craving for water, and it happens without any conscious effort. So why is it so difficult to stay properly hydrated? While will-power and intention help, they're not enough, especially when you're stressed.


The second factor that we tend to ignore, is the obstacles standing in the way.


High hurdles means you'll drink less water


Even if you are quite capable of it, putting out a lot of effort to jump over a high hurdle gets tiring when it happens dozens of times every day. The key to drinking enough water is not more effort, it is lowering or eliminating the obstacles that stand in the way. With fewer or lower hurdles, less effort is required and our natural thirst is enough to get us drinking more.


Lower the obstacles to drinking more water



Here is a list of the most common obstacles:

  • Not having easy access to water.
  • Not having a beverage you like to drink.
  • Having the right beverage, but it's either too cold (lukewarm coffee or tea), or too warm (your ice has melted).

Ok, these problems are easy to solve - just carry a water bottle with you. If you like hot and/or cold beverages, get a vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle, otherwise any good quality bottle will work. But is that enough? Some bottles are a hassle to use. If your bottle has a big opening that makes adding ice and cleaning easier, but when trying to drink in your car this set-up will take your eyes off the road and will tend to cause spills. If your bottle opening is small it will be easier to drink from, but harder to clean. Whatever the opening size, screwing a lid on and off is time consuming and creates another obstacle.

                A straw lid can solve the convenience and spilling problems. It can be opened and closed quickly, allows you to drink without dumping water everywhere when you hit a bump and will keep your eyes on the road too. But all this convenience often has a price: Many straw lids are:

                • hard to suck water from
                • leak when the bottle is on it's side
                • build up pressure and blowback in your face when opened

                Thankfully, the Paravalve high performance straw lid has solved all of these problems. It is leak-proof, effortless to drink from, and has a smart vent to release built up pressure preventing blowback. Unlike most straw lids, it is even insulated to help maintain temperature. This patented next generation technology costs just a few dollars more than straw lids using the the old-tech approach, but our customers frequently tell us they end up drinking more water. Find out more by clicking here.


                Your task is not to seek hydration,

                but merely to seek and eliminate

                the barriers that exist against it.



                Taking the hassle out of hydration