Eveau 21 oz. Glass Water Bottle with Flip Cap & Breakage Resistant Extra Thick Silicone Sleeve, BPA-Free, fits most cup holders

Choose our water bottle, or someone else's, but please always choose a reusable water bottle to reduce environmental waste.

We are committed to creating long lasting products which are as chemical free as possible. BPA free is not good enough, we strive to keep our products free of any chemical that could generate estrogenic activity in the body.

DRINK HEALTHY: You can drink with confidence from our lead free glass bottle and  BPA-Free cap. Our plastic top is Polypropylene (#5 plastic) which is one of the safest plastics around. We don't use any colorant in the plastic top because colorants can leach into the water and act as an estrogen mimic. The natural color of polypropylene is a semi-translucent white.

DRINK FAST: Our easy to use flip cap makes drinking easy. Just flip up the cap and your drinking in seconds. Since the cap stays attached, it won't get lost.

DRINK EASY: The silicone sleeve makes it easy to grip and the small windows on the side are calibrated in ounces and milliliters.

BREAK RESISTANT:  The breakage resistant silicone sleeve has an extra thick 10mm (0.4") cushion on the bottom and 5mm (0.2") cushion on the side which helps prevent breakage if the bottle is ever dropped. Full wraparound sleeve supports and protects the entire glass surface and will help contain the glass should a severe drop cause it to break.

EASY TO CARRY: The cap features a carry handle to allow you to take it with you easily.

EASY ON THE EYES: The clean minimalist design won't go out of style. The full wrap around sleeve is translucent, which provides a rich color variations when lit from different angles and goes well with the translucent lid.

EASY ON THE ENVIRONMENT: Reusable water bottles reduce the number of single use plastic water bottles, most of which end up in landfills. The extra thick bumpers in the silicone sleeve is designed to reduce breakage, which means you replace it less often. The bottle that doesn't break saves you money and further reduces environmental impact.

EASY TO CLEAN: Wide mouth bottle makes cleaning easy. Dishwasher safe - no need to remove the silicone sleeve.

LEAKPROOF: Fully sealed cap will not leak in the closed position. Perfect for indoor sports. A dual action release lever resists accidental opening; it requires the top to be pressed while the release lever is flipped up and out. See photo in the listing above for graphic depiction.

FITS MOST CUP HOLDERS: The base is 2.9" in diameter to fit most cup holders.

Designed in USA and manufactured in China.

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