Paravalve Insulation

A vacuum insulated bottle deserves an insulated lid.

Unlike most other straw lids on the market, the Paravalve straw lid is insulated. This will keep your beverage colder longer, especially if your bottle spends time on it's side (having cold water against an uninsulated lid greatly speeds the heat transfer). Our lid is also safe for liquids up to 60 degrees Celcuis (140 deg. F.), which means you can enjoy your hot coffee with the convenience of a straw.

We don't recommend using the Paravalve straw with liquids hotter than 140 degrees (60 deg. C); the high flow rate could burn your mouth. There may also be a correlation between drinking very hot beverages and esophageal cancer:

The following tests were performed using the same 40 oz vacuum insulated Hydro Flask bottle.

Discussion: The Paravalve insulated lid performs better than the Hydro Flask straw lid in all conditions, which is expected since the Hydro Flask straw lid is not insulated. If you can keep your bottle upright at all times, there is less of a penalty to the Hydro Flask straw lid; you are better off keeping it upright anyway since the Hydro Flask straw lid is not leak proof. 

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