Paravalve Wide Mouth Compatibility

The Paravalve Wide Mouth Straw Lid has been designed to fit wide mouth Nalgene and Hydro Flask water bottles. Because many other bottles use a similar neck and threads, it is also compatible with many other water bottles. 


While we are not able to test each water bottle on the market, we have tested some other bottles, and if a manufacturer is consistent in their manufacturing, the guide below gives a good indication of compatibility; however it does not guarantee compatibility. Please see our brand specific entries below. If your brand is not listed, you can measure the neck of your bottle to get a good idea of compatibility - See the graphic following the brand listings.

Bubba: Fits on some of the plastic bottles, including the double wall plastic bottles and the Flo kids bottles. Some kids bottles have a very tall neck which makes them incompatible.

Buzio: Fits on the 40 oz bottle we tested.

CamelBak: Fits on all plastic water bottles (Tritan and bike bottles). It does not fit the wide mouth glass bottle. It fits the Chute vacuum insulated stainless steel bottles and the kids bottles we tested, but may not work on older CamelBak vacuum insulated bottles.

Contigo: Fits great on the kids and adult wide mouth tritan bottles we tested. Fit the adult vacuum insulated stainless steel bottles we tested, but not on their coffee bottles, and fits poorly on a kids stainless steel bottle. Contigo makes a wide variety of different bottles, but does not stay consistent with the neck from model to model, so compatibility varies.

Earthwell: Fits on the samples we tested.

Fifty/Fifty: Fits on the 32 oz sample we tested. See note 1 below.

HiWill: Fits on the 27 oz bottle we tested.

Hydro Flask: Fits on all wide mouth bottles, including 12 oz, 18 oz, 32 oz, 40 oz, and 64 oz water bottles, and the 12 oz, 16 oz and 20 oz Coffee bottles. Please note that the 64 oz beer growler uses internal threads and is thus not compatible.

Hydrocell: Fit the 40 oz sample we tested.

Kleen Kanteen: Fits on the 20 oz. bottle we tested. However, the thread overlap was only 135 degrees (less than half a turn), which is much less than optimal. KK's own lid had only about 225 degrees of overlap. The bottle still performed fine, but we don't recommend it.

Mira: It fit on the 22 oz bottle we tested.  See Note 1 below.

Nalgene: All wide mouth plastic bottles.

Simple Modern: Fit on the 84 oz, 40 oz and 22 oz bottles we tested.

Swig Savvy: Fits on the 32 oz bottle we tested, but we have reports of it not fitting on some of their other bottles. They apparently use different necks on different bottles Not recommended.

Takeya: It fits tightly on the 40 oz bottle we tested due to the very large diameter neck on the Takeya. We don't recommend the 1.0 Paravalve with the Takeya, but the 2.0 Paravalve has a slightly wider opening, so it fits reasonably well.

Thermoflask: Fits on the 32 oz. bottle we tested.

Topoko: Fit on the 40 oz bottle we tested.

Zak: Fits on the Takoma stainless steel bottle, but not on their kids bottles.

NOT COMPATIBLE: Pogo, Yeti, Liquid Savvy

Have you tested it with another brand? We'd love to hear from you and add it to the list. Your feedback may save others from buying if it is not compatible, or assure them if it is.  Please write us at

Note 1: A short neck: Some stainless steel vacuum insulated bottles have a neck that is shorter than the Hydro Flask and Nalgene bottles by as much as 0.1 inches (2.54mm), resulting in the bottom of the lid hitting the shoulder of the bottle before the O-ring seal gets compressed. In this case, an optional larger diameter O-ring may be ordered to allow for necks as short as 0.55" (14mm).

* For bottles with a short neck, our optional thicker O-ring may solve that problem. Please only use the thicker O-ring on bottles which need it since the thicker O-ring will reduce the angle of thread overlap by about 75 degrees.

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