1 Eveau Paravalve 2.0 - High Performance Straw Lid for Wide Mouth Hydro Flask & Nalgene Bottles, Leak Proof, Insulated, BPA Free

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Thank you all for your support in making the original Paravalve a success! We have sold out of the original production run. The new Paravalve 2.0 ring handle is available now. The three finger "Shaka" handle is expected to arrive around December or January.

High Flow/Low Effort:  The patented Paravalve dual ball valve straw lid offers high flow with minimal suction effort due to the wide water path and unrestricted air path. It’s so effortless that most people find they drink more water.

Leak-proof:  With the spout closed, the air and water path each have their own silicone seal, making it completely leak-proof.

Smart Vent:  Move the spout from the closed position to halfway open to depressurize the bottle and prevent blow-back up the straw. The smart vent makes it the only straw lid suitable for use with carbonated beverages.

Ice lasts longer:  Our lid is insulated to help maintain the temperature of your beverage and minimizing condensation which can soak your belongings. A vacuum insulated bottle deserves an insulated lid. Safe for hot liquids too! We recommend not exceeding 140 degrees F. (60 degrees Celsius) to prevent burning your mouth.

Unbreakable Rubber Handle: New with the 2.0 version is an unbreakable rubber handle. The ring handle is a unobtrusive minimalist design. The upcoming Shaka handle is designed for heavier bottles with an ergonomic 3 finger design that keeps your wrist in a natural alignment when carrying long distances - it's more comfortable that way and won't bang against your leg as easily.

Includes 2 straws and 1 straw cleaning brush: Straws are 260mm (10.24”), long enough to fit a 48 oz Nalgene Silo bottle, and all Hydro Flask sizes. The straw must be cut to length for your bottle.

Easy to Clean: The solid spout is easy to clean - No rubberized spout to get chewed up or degrade. Top rack dishwasher safe. Made from BPA FREE polypropylene.

The straw connects to the lid with an external straw connection: The straw inserts into the lid. The internal straw connection used by cheaper lids have a small tube that inserts into the straw which can stretch and crack the straw, and the small diameter tube also restricts the flow, making it harder to drink.

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